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"What initially drew me to Interior Design, was its capacity to transform society. The world, needs utopian dreams to be translated into the physical."

Hello and welcome! My name is Mollie Forsyth and I am currently in my fourth year of study in Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art. What initially drew me to Interior Design was its capacity to transform society. The world, needs utopian dreams to be translated into the physical. For me each project has been an exploration into humanities needs and values. Interior Design requires great empathy and conceptuality, I view interiors to be much like the human body, the outside of a building is somewhat performative and projecting to the world. However, as we enter, interiors reflect the soul and our inner worlds. Public space is where these inner worlds inter-connect, and good, sensitive design can allow community and collaboration to flourish. I am interested in experiential design, interiors which embody a flow of theatricality or poetry. 

My sensitivity to space initially became provoked at the age of nine, when my family home transitioned from the rolling hills of Yorkshire to the remote Orkney Islands. This shift in landscape felt like a separate paradox. I awoke to how space can be transformative for the body. I have vivid memories of getting lost in Orkney's large open skies and rolling seas. This fascination for places and spaces further intensified when I moved to Glasgow in 2018, where the contrast of the city enriched my perspective. Ever since I was young, I have always loved the annonymity that comes with cities, the constant buzz and hum of the streets, where anything and everything feels possible, where there are new moments to be found just from wandering a different way back to your doorstep. The city holds an unpredictability that unravels everyday. Perhaps I have always craved this because it's the opposite to what I've always known, it's so different to empty beaches, where everyone knows everyone. However when the pandemic hit in 2020, I temporarily returned to my family home. This time in Orkney reminded me how magical rural space is. Where every second the landscape is changing. The undeniable grounding force of nature. Where every second the earth is growing in flow with the seasons and if you listen quietly so much is shifting. Successful Interiors hold this harmonious relationship of capricorous energy and quiet moments of poetry. I am interested in how this can be integrated into modern day life, through public space, retail, events, exhibitions and homes. How can the interior improve our way of life and allow us to fall in love with the simple experience of living?


2021 / Re-define Interior Educators / OXO London

2018 / Higher Vision / Scottish Parliment



2021 / Interior Educator Awards, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion section  in the progressing student category.  

2020 / The Delicate Rebellion / Un-influenced / Issue 2

2021 / Interview with BBC Radio Orkney

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