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Studiocast is a podcast which formed itself in the midst of the pandemic, as our beloved studios were stripped away. For many art school students navigating the online world of connecting and learning, proved to be challenging. Therefore I created Studiocast in hope of connecting creatives across the world, feeding discussions right into the heart of the home, allowing all to daydream amongst the uncertainty. Studiocast is available on all streaming platforms.

Gendered Space: Ep 8

This episode features a collection of voices, alongside my own discussing the topic of gendered space. Featuring creatives who’s visionaries for the future provide so much optimism and hope for society. When lockdown was in its most intense state, we all grieved the death of Sarah Everard, amassing so many questions. Why can’t we walk home safely? Why can’t we always feel comfortable in our solitude whilst navigating through shared spaces? Why do our public spaces suppress comfort and inclusivity? These questions came endlessly, and I started to re-evaluate public space. How cities can feel like stages, where we are constantly performing, and the only breathing space we get from the crowd is the bathroom or our own homes. 

Oliver F.J Jones discussing the roles of gender in his recent 'HOMO' collection


Tackling Consumerism: Ep 7

On this episode I speak to two very special guests, where the topic of discussion surrounds how to avoid consumerist pathways, and how to access sustainable alternatives, in aim of reducing waste to allow a healing earth to emerge. With Ellen Forsyth we discuss the political and societal attitudes which shape how we help our planet. Heather is a perfect example of an individual taking matters into her own creative hands, where over lockdown she began her own handmade company, which focusses on sustainable natural skincare products. 

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Superpowers: Ep 6


In this episode Adam Martin talks through how he fell in love with meditation and sound design, which later sculpted GABA. We discuss the heart of meditation itself, alongside humanities superpower - intuition. Adam's work is truly like no other where he translates the modern world into vivd meditations and soundscapes. You can find his work online, on instagram and his podcasts can be found on Spotify. Mollie and Adam collaborated on the project 'Daydream Box' In July 2020. Towards the end of this Episode a short snippet of the collaboration can be found to help transport you and your mind to a dreamier state. 

Interior Design-Bangkok:Ep 5

An endlessly inspiring episode where Nikita discusses her journeys from Art School into designing through the art of story telling at Bensley Design Studios in Bangkok, Thailand. We discuss her path into interior design, sustainability, the use of Interiors in The Handmaids Tale, ongoing Hotel Projects, Eastern design's techniques and much more, to fill your week with vibrant inspiration! The artwork for this weeks episode is from Nikita's hotel project in Art School.



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