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Daydream Box 

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with GABA

Daydream Box is an installation designed for cities, which aims to transport individuals into ethereal dimensions; drifting the mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and into the art of the mind. The space is a sensory experience for all, soundscapes echo throughout, whilst imagery is projected amongst ceilings and walls. The repetitive use of archways link to Glasgow's bridge down the Kelvin walkway, a powerful threshold which echos daydreams as individuals wander through. 

'GABA' founded by Adam Martin is built upon the principles, of mixing soundscapes, meditation and storytelling, his work can be found at '' and on Spotify. 

A lyrical collaboration with GABA: This project was created within the first couple months of the pandemic, where our perspectives shifted into our domestic spaces. Within this time I began to recognise how bedrooms can feel like daydream boxes, providing total escapism from the outside world. A space to fully express and get lost in the art of daydreaming. It was within my own bedroom that lyric and song flowed out of me. I sent these to GABA alongside Ted Talks and rhythms nostalgic of my childhood. I received an email in return with his poetry and mine combined. Spellbound by Orkney's landscape I began to film all which surrounded me. With the intent for this sound and moving image to be integrated into the instillation, echoing through it's interior. 

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birds eye view correct
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A continuous audio of dream like sounds echo through the space whilst the user travels up the stairs and takes the lift up-to the second floor. Due to the building’s height the user may begin to feel as though they have been transported into the clouds. As the lift’s door glides open the air has a fog like quality to it, that drifts through the space. From the ceiling and windows dream like films are projected into the space, transporting the mind into a meditative state, reverting them back to their childhood where they used to watch the clouds drift past mindlessly.

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