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Solitude Hotel

Solitude Hotel has been featured in the second issue of The Delicate Rebellion sold across the globe, from Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche in Paris, to 5th Avenue New York, Rosa Wolf Berlin, Tracks London, Belgium and Thailand. 

A Hotel which primarily focusses on the company of self. Imagine a Hotel which deconstructs attitudes surrounding solitude, celebrating introspection and individuality. The Hotel is not quiet or shy, it’s interior flourishes with colour and character, symbolising the unique powers of humanity. There are chairs which symbolise both the introvert and extrovert, allowing all personalities to indulge in their stay. The interior is full of Glasgow’s exciting creative scene, featuring the work of Rowan Rosie. Sunlight is an earthly force which often enables the individual to feel pure contentment when sitting alone, its powers are restorative and energising, The Solitude Hotel focusses on reflecting and reinterpreting sunlight. Imagine feeling the energy of a sunset all throughout your stay...

(4 Week Project / September 2020)

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"Solitude in the city is about the lack of other people or rather their distance beyond a door or wall, but in remote places it isn’t an absence but the presence of something else, a kind of humming silence in which solitude seems as natural to your species as to any other, words strange rocks you may or may not turn over." 
- Rebecca Solnit 'A Field Guide To Getting Lost'

Within interior spaces chairs are commonly overlooked to be monotonous objects that should fulfil the expectation of a physical function. However, their occupancy is so much more profound, their presence is similar to ours as humans, throughout history artists have painted chairs like portraits, each holds a different characterisation. Therefore the specification of chairs is integral to the Solitude Hotel. The chair has the power to reflect the qualities of both the extrovert and the introvert.

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Floor Plans


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